Donor Recognition

Johnson Society

The Johnson Society recognizes benefactors who have made cumulative contributions to CHI Memorial of $100,000 or more. It is named after H. Clay Evans Johnson, the Founding President of the Hamilton County Memorial Hospital Association, the Association that raised the money to open Memorial in 1952.

Legacy Society

The Legacy Society recognizes an estate gift established during a donor’s lifetime. These generous, forward-thinking people have made arrangements for CHI Memorial to be included in their estates by remembering us either in their wills or though some other type of estate planning instrument.

The de Sales Society

Named in honor of Sister Thomas de Sales Bailey, long-time administrator of Memorial, this Society was created to encourage and give special recognition to committed benefactors who desire to invest in healthcare excellence. The de Sales Society recognizes donors who have made contributions of $10,000 or more over a three-year period or less.

The de Lellis Society

The de Lellis Society members at the CHI Memorial Foundation are donors who commit to support the mission and ministry of CHI Memorial with a gift of $2,500 or more annually. These gifts help drive Foundation funding to new heights at a time when personal gifts have never been more critical to patient care. The de Lellis Society is CHI Memorial's young donor society and is a social and networking society. Two times per year, the de Lellis Society has the chance to vote on various pieces of equipment or programs to directly fund with their gifts.

The de Lellis Society honors the legacy of Saint Camillus de Lellis, the patron saint of hospitals and the sick.  De Lellis did not immediately feel called to ministry, becoming ordained at the age of 34.  De Lellis felt moved to provide better care to patients suffering in hospitals, particularly the poor, and assembled a group of lay followers to help tend to those in need, calling his group the "Servants of the Sick."  The de Lellis Society seeks to honor this faith-based commitment to improve care for the sick, and like de Lellis himself, identifies with early and mid-career individuals.

Friends of CHI Memorial

Friends of CHI Memorial is comprised of individuals, who make a gift of $100 or more during the fiscal year.